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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions About Product & Services


    Q.1. Is Treenet IT Business Solutions a venture organization?
    Ans. - Treenet IT Business Solutions is not a 'Venture Company', it is an administration/item based association which gives you Search Engine Exchange idea of online trade framework. It permits you to build your social entrance and web prevalence while on the opposite side, you can get paid for advancing others via web-based networking media, which infers a client is both a buyer and administration supplier.

    Q.2. Is Treenet IT Business Solutions dependent on Network Marketing?
    Ans. - Treenet IT Business Solutions takes a shot at the procedure of Referral or Affiliate or Recommendation or Word-of-Mouth advancement. This procedure is Direct Selling, specifically from organization to buyer, accordingly disposing of middle of the road production network, and passing the advantages straight forwardly to the shopper. Treenet is one of the best Organizations in Direct Selling Industry in India.

    Q. 3. What Product/Services Treenet IT Business Solutions offer?
    Ans. – Treenet IT Business Solutions is SEO based Digital Marketing organization. One can upgrade his/her blog or site on Search Engines by utilizing the bundles gave by Treenet IT Business Solutions.

    Q. 4. What are the authoritative reports of Treenet IT Business Solutions?
    Ans. - Treenet IT Business Solutions is having all the required archives and testaments which are important to direct business in India.
    Check Legal declarations - Legal Documents

    Q.5. What is the Validity of Product/Services in Treenet IT Business Solutions?
    Ans. – The legitimacy of any ITP is 1 Year from the date of enactment. After that the Product/administrations will lapse.

    Q. 6. How numerous bundle client can buy on 1 PAN card?
    Ans. - 3 bundles can be acquired on 1 pan card with effect from 1 September 2016.

    Q. 7. How client can take bundle in the event that he/she don't have PAN card?
    Ans. - New User can take stand out bundle by picking choice Applied for PAN Card amid information exchange and in interim he/she can apply PAN card. When he/she have PAN card prepared then upgrade PAN in "My Profile" and transfer KYC against PAN card. Client must need to submit PAN Card as KYC inside 30 days generally all HBW pay-outs and limited time pay-outs will be washed out.
    Note: 20% TDS reasoning will be apply if PAN card is not accessible and 10% TDS in the wake of giving PAN card.

    Q. 8. Can I keep same versatile number/email address for bundles purchased by my blood relatives?
    Ans. - User can keep same versatile number/email id for bundles obtained only for blood relation clients.

    Q. 9. What is the duration of affirmation of KYC?
    Ans. - 2-3 days in the wake of transferring KYC related record. Archive must be obvious plainly and configuration will be .jpeg document and size will be under 1 MB. On the off chance that KYC will be dismisses then client will get message on enlisted portable number and email with particular reason. Likewise it will take again 2-3 days to endorse your KYC after re-stacking.

    Q. 10. What amount of time it will take to get my work pay-outs in record?
    Ans. - Once all your KYC and Campaign affirmed then quickly on following day you will get all past pay-outs and in future on every day/week after week/month to month premise according to client decision.

    Q. 11. How would I be able to get work in the event that I don't have PAN card at the season of enlistment?
    Ans. - User can transfer Campaign and no less than 1 KYC (Id verification) to get day by day work and interim client can apply for PAN Card. When client transfers all KYC, the instalment will be prepared after effective endorsement.

    Q. 12. When would I be able to get my Home based work?
    Ans. - User can get HBW from following day subsequent to initiating bundle and after effective redesign of KYC and Campaign. Client will get this work Monday to Friday with the exception of National Holidays. Client can get National Holidays list from Social Trade entrance from 'Well known Tags' segment.

    Q. 13. Could I ask for my missed HBW? If yes then how? Ans. - Yes, User can ask for just 1 day missed HBW on Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday. For this, clients need to go to Today's Task window and need to ask for missing day work by selecting it from said date-book.

    Q. 14. How I can get pay-out for my past work which I had done yet neglected to submit?
    Ans. - User can go to Dashboard - > My Work Pay-out and Generate Performa Invoice for that specific day on which work was done yet neglected to submit.
    Q. 15. How would I be able to do Renewal of Product/Services?
    Ans. - After the expiry of Product/Services one can recharge the same by obtaining the accessible bundles around then. On the off chance that you have bought ITP 25 and 50 redesigned it, then the recharging should be possible on the updated bundle as it were. After the restoration, the system position will continue as before.

    Q. 16. What is Booster? By what means would I be able to benefit it?
    Ans. - Booster is procedure of multiplying of your day by day assignment after you deal two-bundles (in 1: 1 Point) of same sum in 30 Days from your date of enactment. When client enacts the sponsor then client will get expanded connections every day till outstanding time of bundle. In the event that a man has sold bundles of various business volumes in 1:1, then the connections will be added by most reduced bundle.
    Illustration 1: If you have bought ITP-50 and you actuated your promoter with ITP-50/ITP-25 in 1:1, then you will get half connections from each supported bundle which implies client will get 40 Links/30 Links day by day individually from that day onwards. On the off chance that your supported bundles are not equivalent then lower bundle adjusting will be considered and sponsor will be actuated in like manner.

    Q. 17. How would I be able to redesign my bundle?
    Ans. - Upgradation of Package should be possible following 1 month of enactment. Just second Month is given for upgradation of bundle. For others upgradation should be possible at whatever time amid their 1 year contract. Client simply needs to pay contrast sum and around the same time onwards he/she will get distinction joins.

    Q. 18. How much time is required for enactment of my bundle/distributorship?
    Ans. - Activation handle relies on the keeping money, so it will as a rule takes 2-3 working days to initiate any bundle.
    Instalment Mode – Demand Draft – Same day enactment
    Instalment Mode – NEFT – 2-3 Days for enactment
    Instalment Mode – IMPS
    Q. 19. Is there any age restrict for buy of bundle?
    Ans. - Yes, client must be 18 years of age to buy Treenet bundles. Greatest Age is 65.

    Q. 20. Is it compulsory that client must have Blog/Website account?
    Ans. - Yes, User must have Blog or Website for advancement and ad. He/she needs to advance it under 'Oversee Campaign' area.

    Q. 21. What are the commission rates?
    Ans. - Daily Task Rates at present is 5 Rs for every promotion. Day by day Task rates shift every now and then and rely on upon market rivalry and accessibility of work with organization. Day by day Task Rates can change with/without earlier data on site since it relies on upon market rivalry.
    - Promotional/Referral wage presently is 5% for offering two bundles in 2:2 Point organize.
    1. Business Volume (BV) is equivalent to ITP – 25. Limited time/Referral Income is Weekly based.
    ITP 25- 1 Point
    ITP 50- 2 Point
    2. Topping of Income is there with each ITP and shifts from 1 Lac Rs every week to 2 Lacs for every week. Topping of Income can increment or reduction now and again.
    STP 25-Maximum Income-1 Lac Rs Per Week
    STP 50-Maximum Income-2 Lac Rs Per Week
    Q. 22. What is the date/day of exchange of Commissions?
    Ans. - Daily Work/Task Income can be taken in 3 modes – Daily, Weekly and Monthly
    > Daily Payments will be credited into client's financial balance next working day in the wake of doing undertaking. > Weekly Payments (of earlier week) will be credited into client's financial balance on Tuesday Evening > Monthly Payments(of earlier month) will be credited into client's ledger on fourth/fifth day of month

    Q. 23. What are the Administration Charges?
    Ans. - Company deducts an administrator charge on both 'Promotional Income' and 'Day by day Task Payment'
    There is also a Promotional Income of 5% from exhausted salary.
    Day by day Task –:
    1. Day by day Mode-5% from exhausted salary
    2. Week after week Mode-3% from exhausted salary
    3. Month to month Mode-1.5% from exhausted pay

    Q. 24. How much TDS Amount is deducted from my pay?
    Ans. - Company deducts TDS from both 'Promotional Income' and 'Day by day Task Payment' and stores it to Government according to the laws.
    - Promotional Income – 5% from aggregate pay
    - Daily Task Income – 10% from aggregate salary
    Q. 25. What is a qualification criterion to get special wage?
    Ans. – There is no minimum qualification is required to get special wage client must need to support 2 bundles in 1:1 position.

    Q. 26. What are Rewards?
    Ans. - Different Rewards are declared every once in a while to advance deals in association. Recurrence of prizes can be Monthly, Yearly or Quarterly basis. Compassionately check the website for upgraded data. Terms and conditions are constantly relevant with prizes.

    Q. 27. How would I be able to get my Reward?
    Ans. - Rewards can be dispatched to the champs' area/correspondence address, after an assertion given to organization by him through mail. He/she needs to pay the cargo charges. Prizes can likewise be gathered from office in the wake of creating a duplicate of substantial ID verification.
    Q. 28. How would I be able to change my distributorship?
    Ans. - Distributorship can be changed by creating an appropriate configuration on a 100 Rs Stamp Paper, authorized and properly marked by both transferor and transferee, alongside handling expenses of 1000 Rs in addition to administration assess in office.

    Q. 29. How would I be able to discount or scratch off my bundle/item?
    Ans. - If you are not happy with the item/administrations you can send a mail or bring a demand up in "HELPDESK" area in 10 days from the date of enactment. Discount sum will be moved in 15 working days after the demand. After cancelation, client won't have the capacity to enlist again with social exchange or buy any bundle till next 6 months. Discount sum will be aggregate sum of procurement (counting the day by day assignment instalment, assuming any).
    Q. 30. What are the KYC archives that I need to submit?
    Ans. - One can present any of the beneath said records: